Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Split: What to Know

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Split: What to Know

In the final episode of “Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Ms. Richards said she’d lost trust in her marriage. “There were things that happened that made me lose my trust that I wasn’t able to recover from,” she said.

In an interview with People that was published on Feb. 20, she said, “We love each other, and we’re just trying to figure it out. We’re actively navigating through this and working through it. We’re not going to be in this situation forever, whichever way that goes. Time will tell, probably sooner than later, but we’re hanging in there.”

She and Mr. Umansky have denied wrongdoing or outside involvement in their relationship. But, like many celebrity unions, theirs has recently been plagued with rumors of infidelity. Ms. Richards’s friendship with Morgan Wade, a country singer, has drawn speculation from some who have wondered if they are more than friends. And Mr. Umansky was rumored to be involved with Anitta, a Brazilian pop singer.

In a November appearance on “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her,” a podcast, Mr. Umansky said, “We’re going through a struggle, we’re going through issues just like everybody else does.”

In a recently released teaser for season two of “Buying Beverly Hills,” Mr. Umansky is seen telling two of their daughters and Ms. Richards’s eldest daughter, “I had an amazing 26 years with your mom, an amazing 26 years. I wanted to do everything possible to just save it.”

To many reality TV fans, everything a “Housewife” does matters. But Ms. Richards and Mr. Umansky’s separation has hit some fans especially hard because the couple has been one of reality TV’s strongest and most committed.

“This family has been a part of our lives for 13 years,” said Melissa Reich, a professional therapist, Bravo fan and the host of the “Your Bish Therapist” podcast. “Bravo fans, we do have these parasocial relationships and we are invested. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Kyle and Mauricio’s relationship was a solid blueprint and kind of a safe space for a lot of people.”